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Hey, I’m Patrick

I am a contracted professional scuba diver with expertise in hull and propeller inspections, salvaging items from the depths, and conducting specialized deep diving in challenging conditions such as black water. My work encompasses underwater sonar operations, serving both state and federal agencies. I specialize in diverse underwater environments, including rivers, lakes, tanks, wells, water towers, and ponds. Additionally, I conduct meticulous visual and tactile dam inspections and install intake side drain plugs.

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Over 35 Certifications through SSI

Deep Diving

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Night & Limited Visibility

Diver Stress & Rescue

Specialty Diver

React Right – FA, CPR, AED, O2

Specialty Instructor Fish Identification

Specialty Instructor Manta & Ray Ecology

Specialty Instructor Marine Mammal Ecology

Specialty Instructor Shark Ecology

Marine Guide

Professional Recognition

Marine Ecology

Assistant Instructor

Specialty Instructor Perfect Buoyancy

Scuba Ranger Instructor

Scuba Explorer Instructor

Specialty Instructor Equipment Techniques

Specialty Instructor Photo & Video

Specialty Instructor Sea Turtle Ecology

Specialty Instructor Coral Identification 

& More!

Boat Cleaning Excellence

Experience improved fuel efficiency, higher speeds, and overall enhanced performance. To achieve this, your boat’s hull and running gear must remain clean and free of growth. In the summer months, unchecked growth can transform even a perfect boat into a floating reef within days.

Entrust this crucial task to seasoned professionals. Underwater visibility is limited, and the slightest movement from an inexperienced diver can stir up bottom silt, making cleaning difficult and potentially causing damage to your hull and gear.


Glimpse into the process of the delicate removal of layers of grime, revealing the true beauty beneath. Our professional scuba divers clean from hull to deck, every inch is meticulously tended to, ensuring a pristine finish.

A new level of underwater services

If you’ve lost something in the water, don’t worry – we’re experts in scuba diving and salvage diving. Our team uses top-notch underwater sonar tech to find and retrieve your lost items. But we’re not just about finding stuff; we also do boat cleaning and pool repair. So, if your boat needs a scrub or your pool’s seen better days, we’ve got you covered. We’re all about making the underwater world clean, functional, and stress-free for you!

Client Testimonials

Patrick is great to work with. He is trustworthy and always gives a fair and competitive quote for the work he does. He is also competent and a great problem solver!

Sarah's See and Say

Google Review

Patrick is a real honorable guy. He makes a commitment to you about what he’s going to do and that’s it, he’s committed. If he quotes a price and the job gets harder or something unexpected happens, he sticks to whatever he quoted you

Ray A.

Google Review

Patrick is a true professional. He was quick to respond to my request and was committed to finding my lost item. Patrick is very reliable and extremely good at what he does.

Jenni Robinson

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